After living in a room full of plastic wrap, I decided to document the peculiar experience made by my roommate for her installation project. Unfortunately, I did not think about this photography project until the room was constructed and all the furniture was wrapped in plastic wrap. As a result, I chose to document Haley’s process of removing the plastic wrap.
When taking the pictures, I sometimes felt hindered because the camera was not able to capture everything I wanted it to in the frame. I though a great deal about this and was conscious of what I felt was important to include. After looking through the photographs, I was somewhat disappointed with the results and ultimately only liked a couple of them.
Since the four images I chose do not show all of what is exactly happening, I decided to “extend” the images using real materials to help fill in the missing information. I really wanted viewers to have the sense of being in the room with Haley and watching her work with the plastic wrap. I also wanted viewers to question the capabilities and purpose of the photographs. What are the images function or importance to this documentation of Haley’s project when an object from her original installation is present? There is this notion that photographs are supposed to capture reality, but what happens when the event that they are capturing is placed in front of you? Do the images become obsolete? These are all questions that I grappled with when creating this project and hope viewers are intrigued and wrestle with these questions as well.
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