When thinking about a photograph as an object I immediately considered taking an image and turning it into something else that was interactive. I first thought about folding photographs into paper airplanes, allowing viewers to see how the act of folding distorted an image and allowing them to actually fly the photographs through the air. However, I felt that the folds of the plane did not change or distort the image enough. I then tried folding photographs into fortunetellers and I really loved how these folds segmented the image. On the outside there were four separate and abstract images, but once you began to unfold the fortuneteller more information was revealed. However, I felt that there needed to be a connection between the photographs printed and the fortunetellers.
I approached this question by examining the purpose of fortunetellers. I thought about how a fortuneteller is meant to reveal an aspect of someone’s future, but also to bring people together. As a result I decided to ask a group of people to send me two photographs, one photograph that reminded them of their past and one that represented their present. I then wanted to present the folded photographs in a way where people would want to interact with them. I wanted them to unfold the fortunetellers and learn something new about photographs or people or fortunetellers they were examining. 
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