My name is Lauren and I am a photographer.
From taking photographs using experimental analog cameras to altering the printing process in the darkroom, I am constantly exploring the range of approaches I can take with photography. At a time when capturing images is something that can be done quickly and is accessible, I feel that to a point photography is taken for granted.
Throughout my work, I have been interested in various presentations of photographs such as stereoscopic images, viewmaster cards, and praxinoscopes just to name a few. The structure of these objects is very specific and being able to experiment with their original purpose is something that I am constantly exploring. I also find myself wanting to alter the process of developing film and printing a photograph in the darkroom. Many times I follow a set of rules I create based on my subject matter or the technology I use. Typically this approach takes the form of doing what is considered wrong during the process such as touching negative film and writing on it.
With this approach to my projects, I aim to complicate people’s views of photography. I have always grappled with the assumption that photography is simply a tool that captures a moment in reality. And what is the purpose of looking at a photograph when there is an opportunity to experience the moment? I approach this challenge by making photographs that do not depict reality, emphasizing the fact that photography can also produce images that cannot be seen without the use of a camera.
I am also a graphic designer.
I am dedicated to making comprehensive and innovative posters, brochures, books, pins and more. I am especially interested in making graphics that combine digital processes along with hand-drawn illustrations and even photographs. Including all of these types of visual media into one design is challenging, but has the potential to be very engaging.

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