From taking photographs using experimental analog cameras to altering the printing process in the darkroom, I am constantly exploring the range of approaches I can take with photography. At a time when capturing images is something that can be done quickly and is accessible to many, I feel that to a point photography is an action that is taken for granted. 
Since the intensive process of printing a photograph in a darkroom is not as easily understood in today’s world I want to give viewers of my final prints a small insight into how I create my uncommon images. In order to illustrate my method for this project I am interested in exploring the use of praxinoscopes. Invented by Charles-Émile Reynaud in the 1800’s praxinoscopes were one of the first forms of stop motion animation. By spinning these devices one is able to examine my printing process in motion while also being able to analyze each stage of the process when the device is still. This structure hopefully gives viewers a sense of how my larger photographs were made.
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